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founder of the shop towing est.1999


Eddie Sr.

The Shop Towing is a Las Vegas - based family owned company established in 1999, offering the utmost advantage in transportation and superior customer service. Dependable and timely services merit some of the cornerstones of The Shop Towing. We understand you, the client, are they element to our success, you are the heart that pumps blood through our company.

We treat our clients with the utmost respect and consideration. We value the trust placed in our team, allowing us to continue serving the local Las Vegas area over 20 years.


Who we are.

Our staff provides superior customer service.

Our fleet is equipped with a GPS tracking 

system in order to provide customers with real time ETA's.

A staff member is always available to answer 

any questions you may have during business hours.

What we do.

- We are a Consent and non- Consent Only Tow Truck Company - 

- Prices may vary based on location,mileage, size of the unit, labor required for inoperable units.

- The Shop Towing has a vast array of distinguished -

and reputable companies as clients. 

- Our services over exceed - 

our clients expectations. 

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Phone: 702-643-8111 | Fax: 480-772-4824

The Shop Towing

2570 North Nellis Boulevard, Building #B - Las Vegas, Nevada 89115, United States

vehicle impound recovery requirements

Need to get your personal property or vehicle out of impound?

  Payment is CASH ONLY and in EXACT CHANGE, we do not have cash on the premises.  First lot visit to retrieve personal property is free, each visit thereafter is $50.00 with proper identification.

Acceptable Proofs of Ownership are:

  • Current Registration
  • Title with your Printed Name on Front
  • Signed-over Title with a Notarized Bill of Sale (Bill of Sale must include the full VIN#)
  • If Multiple Transfers, Must have a Notarized Bill of Sale for each Transfer
  • A Valid, Current 10-day or 1-day Stamped Vehicle Moving Permit from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NV DMV)
  • A Current, Stamped Print our from the DMV Showing You as Vehicle Owner
  • A Dealers Report of Sale (DRS) which has not Expired.

· New Cars 30 Days from Date or Purchase; Used Cars 10 Days from the Date of Purchase

  • Rental Vehicles Require a      Rental Contract in Your Name

· If a DUI or Arrest, A Faxed Letter From Rental Company is Required with Permission to Release

  • Lot Visits only Require Current Contract
  • If Vehicle has Police Hold, a Hold Release is required from NHP and NoLV

· The Police Entities Require a Written Release form be Obtained by Vehicle Owner

If you are Not the Vehicle Owner:

  • A Signed, Date Notarized Note or Letter from the Vehicle Owner, with the Vehicle Description Including the VIN#, Make, Model, and the Persons Name Authorized to have Access or Obtain Possession of the Vehicle.

· That Person would then be Required to Show Current ID.

· Registration would Need to Be Current Showing the Vehicle Owners Name and Would Need to Match Letter

  • If Vehicle Owner is in Custody, a Fully Completed (in Ink) Signed Jail Vehicle Release Form is Sufficient